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Fresh Tomato Sauce Recipe

July 6, 2024 17 Comments This is the fresh tomato sauce recipe of the moment! Those tomatoes are hitting the stores and farmers markets and this is the time of year when they taste their best. This year I taught how to roast tomatoes and made a delicious cold tomato

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Favorite Plus Size Linen for Summer

Divulgation:This blog post is not sponsored, but includes affiliate links. If you use my link or coupon code in this post to make a purchase, I will receive a small commission on the sale at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my work! I don’t need to

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Runs for Cookies: Self-Care

I think that was the longest break I’ve taken from blogging in, oh, 13 years? Oh! I should have checked in at some point, because I felt guilty about the abrupt absence, but I didn’t realize how much I needed that break until after our trip to Minnesota. I loved

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Ep231: Why Exercise Snacks are Essential in Perimenopause

In This episode, Tina talks about exercise snacks, also known as vigorous intermittent lifestyle physical activity (VILPA). She shares how exercise snacks can make a big difference in your overall metabolic health, especially during perimenopause, and provides some practical steps on how to implement them into your daily routine. Tina

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Ep229: How to Improve All or Nothing Mindset

In This episode, Tina talks about the impact of diet culture on women in perimenopause, which often leaves us struggling with an “all or nothing” mentality and stuck in achieving our health goals. She shares practical behaviors and mindset shifts to help you free yourself from all-or-nothing thinking while building

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Road Trip!

The hotel internet is very spotty, so I’ll have to write more when I get home. But this week has been a little crazy: Eli graduated on Wednesday and then Jerry and I decided (at the last minute) to drive to Minnesota on Thursday. I really wanted to see Becky

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Roasted Vegetable Tacos: Change up Taco Tuesday

May 29, 2024 8 Comments Roasted Vegetable Tacos are for Taco Tuesday. Sometimes you need to change it. Are these tacos as easy as beef tacos? No. I mean, how can you avoid browning the meat and adding a packet of flavorings? Too easy! But these roasted sweet potato and

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Ep228: How to Stay Positive with a Chronic Illness

In this episode, Tina talks about her experience with ulcerative colitis and what she has learned over the past 13 years about how to stay positive in the face of a chronic illness. She shares how she deals with flare symptoms now and in the past, the nutrition and lifestyle

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